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smartScale - aros / SmartFlow
Wireless UroFlowmeter
The wireless Flowmeter to Pc and Network integrated.
Smart Scale:
  • Non-invasive diagnostics
  • Wireless, easy to use, and clean
  • Fully automatic
  • Excellent measurement quality
  • Fix or variable scale
  • Automatic analysis including ICS nomograms (Liverpool, Siroky, and pediatrics)
  • Easy to use software with SQL database
  • High-security level for data protection
  • Hygenic- Designed against over flow and splashes
  • Robust and Durable

Combine EMG and Flow system. Aros:
  • Aros has all the features and advantages of Smart scale
  • Wireless synchronization with the EMG
  • Rechargeable EMG connected to the USB of the computer
  • Optional Biofeedback software with Anal and Vaginal probes
  • Possibility to combine with our residual volume measurement system, print
The "classic approach" with wireless design and unique extras. SmartFlow:
  • Wireless, easy to use, and clean
  • Touch screen to control the system in real-time
  • High measurement quality, especially in small flows
  • Fully automatic, Power-save mod, AUto-zero, Auto-start, Auto-stop, Auto-print
  • Fast real-time printing (80 mm)
  • Automatic analysis and measurements
  • High-security level, keeping the last 4 studies within the internal memory
  • Hygenic - designed against overflow and splashes
  • Wall-mounted (Optional)
  • PC-link allowing to save the studies under SQL database and to integrate them within the Hospital information system
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