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Oceanus 14 Pro
balloon dilatation catheter

The balloon dilatation catheter “Oceanus 14 Pro” is a coaxial catheter (OTW, over-the-wire) designed for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of peripheral arteries. The catheter has a coaxial double-lumen body from the proximal connector to the balloon. The guidewire runs into the inner lumen while the outer lumen allows contrast liquid passage to inflate the balloon. The maximum diameter of the guidewire must not exceed 0.36mm = 0.014”. On the distal part of the catheter, just before the tip, the balloon (inflatable segment) will dilate the artery upon inflating using infusion of contrast fluid inside it. The connector is Y-shaped, and it has two entry ports: The side port allows contrast medium passage to dilate the balloon, The straight port allows the guidewire insertion. To inflate the balloon, the connector inflation port must be connected to an inflation device. The balloon is inflated to predictable diameters with the pressure shown by the manometer. In Oceanus 14 Pro, there are different types of radiopaque markers to have greater visibility and flexibility in each size: – Balloon with diameter ≤ 2.0mm and length ≤ 20mmà 1 tungsten marker in the middle of the balloon. – Balloon with diameter ≤ 2.0mm and length > 20mm à 2 tungsten markers. Located at each end of the ballon. – Balloon with diameter ≥ 2.5mm à 2 Pt/Ir markers. Located at each end of the ballon At the distal end is the tip, which is rounded and atraumatic in shape to avoid damaging the arteries while it is advanced. The distal part, including the balloon, is coated with a durable and slippery hydrophilic coating that minimizes friction and helps the catheter go through tortuous arteries smoothly. See IFU for further information. Available to download.

Main features: 

  • Over the wire catheter (OTW)
  • Usable catheters length: 100  & 150 cm
  • Compatible with 0.014" guidewire
  • Crossing profile: from 0.021" up to 0.033"
  • Tip profile: 0.017"
  • 2 radiopaque Markers 
  • Np: 7 atm |  RBP: 16 atm |  ABP: 22 atm
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